Example Of A USDOT, MC & GVW Decal Sticker | USDOT Lettering Tips

Andres Espinoza

If you’re a new trucker, it can be quite intimidating knowing what to display outside of your commercial vehicle. On top of this, how do you display it? In this short blog, we will go over the basics for displaying your USDOT regulation numbers correctly.

Your USDOT number must be at least 2 inches in height and must be visible from at least 50 feet away. You must use an easy to read font and the color of your decal sticker should contrast with the color of your vehicle for easy readability. We recommend displaying your regulation numbers evenly and neatly outside of your vehicle to give DOT inspectors an easy time when they input your numbers into their database.

If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to help.


usdot compliant decal template

usdot mc gvw lettering decal

usdot template decal

usdot truck decal template

usdot truck lettering example

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