DOT Decals for Trucks Information | US DOT Truck Lettering Decals & Stickers Guide

U.S. Department of Transportation requires all CMVs to display their USDOT number on their vehicle. All us dot numbers must be visible from a minimum of 50 feet away and be displayed in contrasting colors from the vehicle they’re placed on. They must be easily legible and be proceeded by the characters USDOT, Ie: USDOT# 123456.

Truck door decals can be ordered online with customized templates for your unique operation. We recommend a template containing the Company Name and/or Logo, city, state of operation, USDOT & any of the state mandated regulation numbers to be in compliance in all 50 states.

Many carriers choose to display their GVWR, VIN, KYU, TCP, MC or other state mandated regulation numbers under their USDOT #. Our in house graphic design team will take care of the final design so you can focus on your business.

USDOT truck lettering decals